What Is A Liability Order For Child Maintenance?

What is a liability order for child maintenance, and is it the same as a liability order for council tax? Read more about child maintenance and liability orders at homelyeconomics.com

What’s a liability order for child maintenance? If you’ve been through the UK’s child maintenance system for any length of time, you’ll have heard about liability orders. They’re a part of the CMS’s strategy for enforcing child maintenance, but how does a liability order for child maintenance work, and what happens next?   What is a liability order? A liability […]

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How I Got Over £2000 In Child Support Arrears

Click on the picture to read how I finally received more than £2000 in Child Support Agency arrears.

I’ve just received £2072.63 in child support arrears. It’s taken ten years, but I’ve finally received a child maintenance payment! I want to share this with you to encourage you if you’re in the same situation as I am: fighting to get child maintenance when your ex refuses to pay. I can’t guarantee that by doing everything I’ve done that […]

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Get Your Free Child Maintenance Planner

Need help staying on top of the paperwork in your Child Support case? Click on the picture to download your free Child Maintenance planner and get help organising your CMS case.

Do you need support with your child support case? Complicated child maintenance cases where one parent hides their income to get out of paying are extremely difficult to deal with for a variety of reasons. It’s hard to muster up the emotional momentum to keep going. It can be an administrative nightmare, trying to keep on top of letters, calls […]

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