Treasure Quest Present Day

Present Days are a fun alternative to big gift-giving holidays that you can have at any time in the year that suits your family. Here's what we did for our last treasure quest themed Present Day.

An interactive Present Day. As a family, we have a Present Day for our son once a year.    The advantage of a Present Day as opposed to a big, commercialised holiday for giving gifts is that you can apply whatever theme you like, and have it whenever you like. It feels more special as it’s voluntary, and not something […]

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Help! My Cat Is An Affection Eater

Some cats refuse to eat unless they're being stroked or petted - this is called affection eating. Click on the picture to read why this happens and how this happened to our cat.

Affection Eating Strange eating behaviour in cats is a lot more common than I realised before I encountered it in mine. My cat is an affection eater. This means that he prefers to eat when he’s being stroked or petted. Everyone likes to think their cat is particularly strange, perhaps the most strange and wonderful cat in the world. Maybe we’re […]

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Everything I Learned From My Mother (About Money)

Our mothers teach us so much about life by their actions as well as their lessons. Here's what I learned from my mother (about money).

My mother – My mother and I have a wonderful relationship, and I’m truly happy to be able to say that. She’s taught me a lot about life, but not always in a direct way. Mum has given me a few direct pieces of advice over the years, but generally, I’ve learned from her example. As well as the things […]

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Kids Pass Deal – Get 60 Days For £1

Get a 60 day Kids Pass trial for only £1! Click on the picture to read more about this amazing money-saving offer.

Kids can be expensive, can’t they? If you’ve struggled to entertain your children over the half terms and holidays without having to take out a second mortgage, then you’ll love this deal. I’ve got a special offer from Kids Pass for Homely Economics readers: instead of a 15 day trial for £1, you can now get a whopping 60 day […]

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Anger Management

Representing yourself in family court can save money, but you do end up paying in time and in stress. Still, you can succeed if you prepare well.

I’ve spent most of the last month in a near constant state of rage. Over the top? Not really – you’d understand if I could tell you everything. Few things or people could provoke that kind of sustained reaction in me, apart from Odd Socks. Family court In the last month I’ve been back to the family court, thanks to Odd […]

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