How A Cheap Glamping Weekend Made Me A Happy Camper

How a cheap glamping weekend at Woodhouse Farm near Ripon changed my mind about camping, and helped me recharge and reconnect with myself.

How a cheap glamping weekend in Yorkshire has changed my mind about camping: I’ve never been keen on camping. I’ve done it a few times, with mixed experiences; the best was probably as a child, camping on the East Coast of Barbados, and the worst was spending a freezing night in a field in Kent, trying desperately to get a […]

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We’ve Got Kittens!

Our rescue cat's kitten birth story - as it was our stray rescue cat's first litter, she didn't know what to do... so nearly gave birth to her kittens on our sofa.

Our kitten birth story: When I came home from work on Monday, I wasn’t expecting to start a new shift as a cat midwife. Braxton-Hicks contractions in cats The week before, I was stroking our cat’s pregnant tummy and, noticing how it tensed and went hard for short periods of time, wondering if cats had Braxton-Hicks contractions just like humans. […]

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Help Your Child Revise With Education Quizzes

How can you help your child revise for exams without spending a fortune on tutoring? We've reviewed Education Quizzes to see if revision really can be fun.

Help your child to revise with Education Quizzes. Like most parents, I want to do as much as I can to help my child to live up to his potential at school, but it’s not always easy to decide how to do this. This review has been written in collaboration with Education Quizzes. The dilemma It’s not always been easy […]

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Treasure Quest Present Day

Present Days are a fun alternative to big gift-giving holidays that you can have at any time in the year that suits your family. Here's what we did for our last treasure quest themed Present Day.

An interactive Present Day. As a family, we have a Present Day for our son once a year.    The advantage of a Present Day as opposed to a big, commercialised holiday for giving gifts is that you can apply whatever theme you like, and have it whenever you like. It feels more special as it’s voluntary, and not something […]

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Help! My Cat Is An Affection Eater

Some cats refuse to eat unless they're being stroked or petted - this is called affection eating. Click on the picture to read why this happens and how this happened to our cat.

Affection Eating Strange eating behaviour in cats is a lot more common than I realised before I encountered it in mine. My cat is an affection eater. This means that he prefers to eat when he’s being stroked or petted. Everyone likes to think their cat is particularly strange, perhaps the most strange and wonderful cat in the world. Maybe we’re […]

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Everything I Learned From My Mother (About Money)

Our mothers teach us so much about life by their actions as well as their lessons. Here's what I learned from my mother (about money).

My mother – My mother and I have a wonderful relationship, and I’m truly happy to be able to say that. She’s taught me a lot about life, but not always in a direct way. Mum has given me a few direct pieces of advice over the years, but generally, I’ve learned from her example. As well as the things […]

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Kids Pass Deal – Get 60 Days For £1

Get a 60 day Kids Pass trial for only £1! Click on the picture to read more about this amazing money-saving offer.

Kids can be expensive, can’t they? If you’ve struggled to entertain your children over the half terms and holidays without having to take out a second mortgage, then you’ll love this deal. I’ve got a special offer from Kids Pass for Homely Economics readers: instead of a 15 day trial for £1, you can now get a whopping 60 day […]

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Representing Myself In Family Court: My Experience

Representing myself in family court was a stressful experience at times, but extremely rewarding as well. Here's what I learned from facing solicitors and barristers on my own.

My experiences of representing myself in family court disputes. This is in no way an endorsement of refusing legal representation; these are simply my experiences. Please consult a solicitor before deciding how to approach your particular legal case. Since remarrying, my former husband has taken me to family court several times over a variety of disputes, and I have also […]

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Managing Finances as a Couple – Without Arguing

Do you find yourself arguing with your partner about money? You're not alone. Here are five tips on how to stop those arguments and manage your money together.

Managing finances as a couple: some tips to avoid or defuse arguments about money. I keep hearing that money is the biggest cause of arguments between couples… I can believe it. Few subjects are as complex, as emotive, or as common as money and our relationships with it, so when you put two people together in a relationship, you’ll find […]

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