Free Stuff For New TopCashback Members

The latest TopCashback freebies and discounts after cashback for new members.

TopCashback freebies – There are always lots of great deals for freebies from TopCashback to entice new members to join up. And guess what – it’s a win-win situation, because TopCashback is one of the best tools in the savvy money saver’s toolkit! TopCashback freebies are, sadly, for new members only. Of course, it’s a wee bit annoying that these […]

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5 Frugal Things We’ve Done This Fortnight

Frugal things for this fortnight - here's what we've done to save money over the past two weeks.

5 Frugal things for this fortnight: Last week I decided not to publish my regular Five Frugal Things post. I was a bit disappointed, but I thought it was for the best as it had been an unprecedented week for frantic activity. If you read my Friday update, you’ll know our house went on the market! So what have we […]

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Making Homes More Energy Efficient Through Modular Design

Pre-fab houses are nothing like the post-war pre-fabs you're probably thinking of! Modular design can actually cut down on your heating bills - click on the picture to find out more.

Making homes more energy efficient through modular design For this post, I’ve been pleased to collaborate with MTX Contracts. Modular building has been around for some time. It’s the building of homes, offices, clinics, operating theatres, offices and more in a factory type environment. It’s a fast way to build without compromising on quality or strength. In the modern age, […]

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