Extra Income Report – May 2017

This is our extra income for May 2017 - all the things we did to earn an extra income or receive a passive income.

Extra Income Report – May 2017. May was a very busy month indeed, but I didn’t spend much time trying to make money. We’ve been busy with DIY on our home, and I’ve been doing a lot of writing as well. Our regular passive income streams have slowed dramatically since we stopped stoozing, so that’s kinda led to this month’s total. […]

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Extra Income Report – April 2017

Our extra income report for April 2017. Click on the picture to read about our little income streams!

Extra Income Report – April 2017.   Even though I started the month with a feeling of dread over my impending car insurance renewal, things worked out pretty darned well! It has been a truly big month for me in many ways, and honestly, keeping track of the money-making aspect of things has been at the bottom of my list. Interestingly, […]

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Extra Income Report – February 2017

Extra Income Report for February 2017. Click on the picture to read about what we did in February to earn a little extra income, and what went wrong.

 Our extra income for February 2017 – Ah, February – if I really wanted to make money I should have bought shares in a tissue company. I blew my nose enough to give them a sizeable profit margin.   February was difficult because of being wiped out by the flu. I was off work for two weeks (I truly went […]

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Extra Income Report – January 2017

Homely Economics' Extra Income Report for January 2017.

Extra Income Report – January 2017 As it’s the first income report of 2017, I decided to do something a bit different. We’ve all heard the saying, “a penny saved is a penny earned”, but how much of our savings could actually be classed as earnings? Arguably, some of my earnings are already savings – like supermarket cashback which gives […]

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Annual Extra Income Report – 2016

Annual Income Report for 2016 - Homely Economics

At the beginning of 2016 I had no idea I’d be writing these posts… now I take it for granted that I’ll be writing my income reports at the end of every month. But now I get to review the entire year! Back when I used a notepad instead of an app on my phone, I enjoyed looking back at the entries and […]

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Extra Income Report – December 2016

December 2016 Extra Income Report - Homely Economics

We’ve been tracking our income and expenses for three years now, but 2016 was the first year I shared any of it publicly – it’s been a very interesting experience! I hope you’ve enjoyed following along. Read on to find out what made us a bit extra over the last month… Mostly passive income with a dash of work thrown […]

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Extra Income Report – November 2016

November 2016 Extra Income Report - Homely Economics

Where did the month go? Where did the year go, come to that? It’s dark and cold, and I can’t get away with being in denial over winter – it’s here for sure. Funny thing is, it’s not the time of year that’s made me think of time going by, it’s the fact so many of our schemes have come to an […]

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Extra Income Report – October 2016

October 2016 Extra Income Report

Wow, where do I start? October was going to be the month for getting back on track, but I had to get myself onto a totally different track instead. I wrote a short post about it here if you want to catch up, but in short, it was tied up with family court and the child maintenance service. I wasn’t […]

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Extra Income Report – September 2016

Here's our extra income report for September 2016 - click on the picture to read more about our income streams!

September really was the worst month of the year so far for me. I’m not kidding, all the wheels fell off in the first week and I never really seemed to catch up again. I decided to write off the week that went wrong, but it kind of turned into a fortnight, and eventually I decided to write off the […]

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Extra Income Report – August 2016

Here's our income report for August 2016. Click on the picture to read what we did in August to earn some extra income!

We meant to do two things in August: start earning even more extra pocket money and get back into the DIY swing of things on the house, which would mean spending more as well. Both have been hard, as there have just been so many distractions and so many new projects popping up. Last month I decided to leave my job after […]

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