Branching Out – My First Steps with Social Media

I’ve been falling into old traps lately and getting way too uptight over unnecessary things. Aren’t West Indians meant to be laid back? I think I prove that one false! I may have covered this before, but although I’ve started and abandoned many blogs before this one, this is the first that I’ve started that has a real purpose. It’s […]

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Managing Finances as a Couple – Without Arguing

Do you find yourself arguing with your partner about money? You're not alone. Here are five tips on how to stop those arguments and manage your money together.

Managing finances as a couple: some tips to avoid or defuse arguments about money. I keep hearing that money is the biggest cause of arguments between couples… I can believe it. Few subjects are as complex, as emotive, or as common as money and our relationships with it, so when you put two people together in a relationship, you’ll find […]

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Beat The Laziness Tax – Home Insurance

It’s almost as if I planned it – just after writing about how financial inertia can affect your mortgage and insurance costs, I received the renewal letter for my home insurance. It was everything I’d hoped for – let me quote what they said and translate for you. “Dear Mrs Balders Your home insurance is due for renewal shortly, and […]

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My Real Debt: Mortgages, Part 4 – Inertia

What keeps us going back to certain companies year after year: is it inertia? Is it loyalty? Or is it really fear?   When I say inertia, I don’t mean laziness, as in not wanting to work to earn money. I’m talking about financial inertia. I got into a conversation with a co-worker about her plans to get a mortgage, […]

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Extra Income Report – May 2016

See what I've made in my second income report - for May 2016.

Extra income report for May 2016. I’m exhausted. I thought I should open with that because it may explain why I might not be totally coherent, and also why I’m totally obsessed with how much I spent in May as opposed to what I earned, which is what this post is supposed to be about… See? Rambling already. We’ve been […]

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My Real Debt – Mortgages, Part 3: Your Credit Rating

I’ve tried to help people understand the house buying process, but this is where the wheels usually come off. For example, a younger friend of mine wanted to buy a home with her partner, and asked me for some help with the process. My advice was that their first step should be to check their credit files. It turned out that my friend […]

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My Real Debt: Mortgages, Part 2 – Your Product Type

Mortgages, Part 2: Your Product Type. Click on the picture to read about the different types of mortgages available and how you can figure out which is right for you.

This is the second part of my mortgage series – read part 1 here. This is all about the different types of mortgages, including whether or not they’ll be right for you.   It’s a bit long but do read on if you’re researching your first mortgage, or you’re just into other people’s mortgages! The product type (I still find […]

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My Real Debt: Mortgages, Part 1 – Your LTV

Mortgages, Part 1 - Your LTV. Do you find mortgages confusing? Click on the picture to read the first of my series of posts explaining mortgages. This post talks about the loan-to-value ratio and what it does.

At the risk of sounding like the most boring dinner party conversation, I’m going to talk about my mortgage rate. This is one thing that’s important to get right, since it’s usually the biggest debt of a person’s life, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Read on to find out how I got my deal, and how you can get […]

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