Coupon Wins! Co-op, August 2016

Coupon wins August 2016
If you read my last ‘coupon wins’ post last month, this one will be no surprise whatsoever!
I had £30 worth of Co-operative Food vouchers left over from the £50 worth given to me as a perk of taking out Co-operative car insurance. I guess it’s not as exciting as hunting a huge coupon by wombling or stacking cashback apps with coupons, but it’s what we had on hand, and we were going to make the most of it. So that’s how we got this great big grocery haul for 39p!
This entire grocery haul cost us 39p – and I’ll get it down to 13p.
And do you know what’s even better? We claimed 25p back thanks to Shopitize and 1p back thanks to CheckoutSmart, so this entire shop will have cost us…

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  1. Hi Aga, thanks for reading! Yes, this was a bit of a lucky one, as I've never had vouchers for such a high value before this and last month's. I'll keep trying to bag another big one though!

  2. Very good. When I did my shop at teaco for the pizza deal I got it down from £45.54 to £6.54. I totally forgot to use my £3 off voucher. Hence I was slightly miffed but hey I did get a good hail never the less. Well done

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