Coupon Wins! Co-op, July 2016

Coupon Wins July 2016 - Click on the picture to see how we got this grocery haul for £1.11!
The silver lining in having to pay through the nose for my car insurance this year has definitely been getting some unexpected vouchers from the Co-operative.
I was happy enough to insure my car with them, but then they went ahead and sent me 5 vouchers for the Co-op food store, at a value of £10 each! £50 worth of food? Get in!
So off we went, and here’s what we got…


£21.11 worth of food for £1.11!

We could have reduced this even further, but the thai green curry sauce let me down – it was on the shelf at 78p but scanned at a higher price, but we didn’t pick up on this until we were out of the door. And no, we weren’t feeling tight enough to go back in and make a point of it!
Lord Balders stocking up his tiny trolley.
Now we’re going to do the next shop with a plan – this one was a bit last-minute so I did manage to get another 25p shaved off thanks to Shopitize and another penny from CheckoutSmart (see this post on cashback apps), but I reckon that with preparation, we could get into profit from the next shop!
£30 of coupons left!
Now that’s the kind of shopping I like 🙂


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