How To Train Your Child To Save And Spend Wisely

Training your child to save and spend wisely isn't always easy, but it's something good parents need to do. Read my tips on training your kids to save.

How to train your child to save and spend wisely: It’s our responsibility to get our children off to the best start possible when it comes to their management of money, but it’s not always easy. How can you teach a child who is reluctant to learn about money how to save and spend wisely, without making it feel like […]

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My Five Cats

How many cats is too many? My five cats have brought me a lot of happiness, but I can't keep them.

How many cats is too many? For a brief period of time, we’ve had five cats in our family. How did this happen to us? Not that long ago we didn’t even have a cat.   Vader Vader came into our lives and took over, and told us to be grateful for the privilege. He had snuck into our friends’ […]

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How A Cheap Glamping Weekend Made Me A Happy Camper

How a cheap glamping weekend at Woodhouse Farm near Ripon changed my mind about camping, and helped me recharge and reconnect with myself.

How a cheap glamping weekend in Yorkshire has changed my mind about camping: I’ve never been keen on camping. I’ve done it a few times, with mixed experiences; the best was probably as a child, camping on the East Coast of Barbados, and the worst was spending a freezing night in a field in Kent, trying desperately to get a […]

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We’ve Got Kittens!

Our rescue cat's kitten birth story - as it was our stray rescue cat's first litter, she didn't know what to do... so nearly gave birth to her kittens on our sofa.

Our kitten birth story: When I came home from work on Monday, I wasn’t expecting to start a new shift as a cat midwife. Braxton-Hicks contractions in cats The week before, I was stroking our cat’s pregnant tummy and, noticing how it tensed and went hard for short periods of time, wondering if cats had Braxton-Hicks contractions just like humans. […]

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Help Your Child Revise With Education Quizzes

How can you help your child revise for exams without spending a fortune on tutoring? We've reviewed Education Quizzes to see if revision really can be fun.

Help your child to revise with Education Quizzes. Like most parents, I want to do as much as I can to help my child to live up to his potential at school, but it’s not always easy to decide how to do this. This review has been written in collaboration with Education Quizzes. The dilemma It’s not always been easy […]

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