How To Make Cardboard Box Shelves

Cardboard box shelves are a great DIY alternative when you need some cheap storage in your home!

How to make cardboard box shelves Making cardboard box shelves is not only a great way to recycle, but it’s cheap and easy! How I made cardboard box shelves for my art studio I needed some shelves for my studio, but couldn’t justify the cost of buying them new, and couldn’t find any second-hand that were big enough. I bought […]

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How I Restored Two 1950s Panel Doors

Restoring vintage 1950s panel doors - click on the picture to read how we tackled this DIY project!

Here’s how I restored two 1950s panel doors found boarded over in my house. When we moved into our 1950s concrete ex-council house, there weren’t many good surprises… but it was cheap. The previous owner actually took a lot of the internal doors off of the hinges, for some reason! The ones that remained were cheap and tacky hollow core […]

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Signs of Life! My Gardening Progress

Signs of life in my new garden at last - here are my gardening plans and progress so far.

I’m so proud of my little baby cuttings! Is it weird to feel a sensation akin to pride on behalf of a plant? Gardening progress I ought to stop anthropomorphising everything, but my lil babies are growing up so well that, well, I’m just plain proud of them. My hydrangea and plum tree spent a night outdoors at last (yes, […]

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Star Wars Bedroom Makeover

Here's how we created a Star Wars bedroom on a low budget for our 11 year old boy. See the before and after pictures, and find the accessories you need to create your own Star Wars spaceship bedroom!

Star Wars Bedroom Makeover Ta daaah! Here are some pictures of Little Balders’ Star Wars themed bedroom, which we ¬†finished to coincide with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Yes, I say finished, but it’s only really finished-ish… there are upcycling projects planned for his hand-me-down furniture and a few jobs to do, but the bulk of it […]

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