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This blog came about through a savings project – we were saving a deposit to buy our first home together.

We bought our fixer-upper house in 2015 and since then we’ve been working on a complete overhaul – on a budget, of course!


It hasn’t been easy, doing it ourselves, but many people will be in the same situation as us, and we’d like to help. Join us for our thrifty redecorating story and see how we make a home out of a very humble house on the tightest of budgets!


Home DIY & Decorating Posts

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I love growing plants – I’ve turned into a bit of a crazy plant lady, with too many houseplants to look after properly! Still, there’s something magical about seeing plants grow from seeds or cuttings, and understanding what they need to thrive.

Here are my posts about horticulture and gardening. If you like being bored by pictures of orchids, you’ll love my Instagram!

My Green Garden

Let It Grow

Signs Of Life!

Signs Of… Slugs



To carry on the cost-cutting when it comes to cars, we’re sticking to bangernomics – no new cars for us!

Balders Bangernomics