A Penny Saved In March 2019

A Penny Saved March 2019

So many things to pay for! Thanks a lot, March. March delivered a ton of rain straight into our living room through a pesky leak that we thought we’d fixed… on top of the jobs we had planned. Well, at least we had already started cracking on with the DIY! […]

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A Penny Saved In February 2019

Child's hand putting coin into piggy bank | A penny saved in February 2019

This past month we decided to kick ourselves into gear and start renovating our house. It’s been a whole year since we moved in, and now it truly feels like home, but the truth is we need to make improvements in every single room. Yes, it’ll be expensive, but it’s […]

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A Penny Saved In January 2019

Hands receiving coins | A Penny Saved In January 2019

Saving money can be tough, so I chart our own savings on the blog for a few different reasons: first, to demonstrate what sort of easy money-saving and money-making hacks there are to be tried, and second, to keep me focused on being careful with my own money. Eventually I […]

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