Investing In Yourself: Starting A Home Learning Course

Lord Balders is contemplating a career chanage - read his first thoughts on an NCC Home Learning course in Counselling.

Investing In Yourself: Starting A Home Learning Course I’m no stranger to education; in fact, my family often rib me about having more degrees than I need. I know how important it is to invest in yourself through learning, but I’ve done this the traditional way, because I was naturally good at this, and my successes encouraged me to try […]

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5 Frugal Things We’ve Done – 26/05/17

These are the five frugal things we've done for this week - 26th May 2017.

5 Frugal things we’ve done this week: I just couldn’t think of what made this week particularly good from a money-saving point of view, so I asked my husband – et voilà! He’s added two of his own this week! 1 – Bought a secondhand desk chair via Facebook This one was all me – we needed to replace the […]

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Treasure Quest Present Day

Present Days are a fun alternative to big gift-giving holidays that you can have at any time in the year that suits your family. Here's what we did for our last treasure quest themed Present Day.

An interactive Present Day. As a family, we have a Present Day for our son once a year.    The advantage of a Present Day as opposed to a big, commercialised holiday for giving gifts is that you can apply whatever theme you like, and have it whenever you like. It feels more special as it’s voluntary, and not something […]

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Running Through London With Two Budgies & A Vacuum Cleaner: A Cautionary Tale About Credit Cards

The story of a chaotic house move and how it left us running through London with two budgies in a cage and a vacuum cleaner.

Strange but true… We all have those experiences that, when we are going through them, are so ridiculous that we know they’ll become one of ‘those’ stories that we’ll tell at dinner parties and in pubs until we’ve forgotten who’s heard it before. That doesn’t mean that makes it any easier to go through at the time. Oddly, I’ve accumulated […]

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Five Frugal Things We’ve Done – 19/05/17

Click on the picture to read my pick of 5 frugal things my family did this week.

Five frugal things I’ve managed this week. Forget money – I just need a nap. Really, I’m exhausted and I’ve given myself even more work than I thought I could, even knowing about my shiny object syndrome. I’ll tell you what I mean. Finally bought a flask. Why has this taken so long? Because we can’t decide on anything when […]

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DIY Afro Hair Cream Recipes

I've been making my own hair cream for afro hair, and it saves me a fortune. Click on the picture to read how I make it and how you can make your own DIY hair cream.

My favourite recipe and tips for happy afro hair – Afro hair care can tend to set you back a fair bit if you don’t live in an area with high demand, so it helps to know how to make your own hair products cheaply at home. Homemade hair cream! I knew the very talented Rachael Cooper many years ago when […]

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Five Frugal Things We’ve Done – 12/05/17

5 Frugal things we've done for this week - click on the picture to read about what we've been up to!

Five frugal things for the week – It’s been a VERY eventful week for me money-wise. Besides getting more money in, I’ve been able to find ways to lessen the money that’s left us, whilst still having a bit of fun. 1.  Making a takeaway cheaper through cashback Getting a takeaway isn’t really frugal, but we all need some treats […]

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How I Got Over £2000 In Child Support Arrears

I’ve just received £2072.63 in child support arrears. It’s taken ten years, but I’ve finally received a child maintenance payment! I want to share this with you to encourage you if you’re in the same situation as I am: fighting to get child maintenance when your ex refuses to pay. I can’t guarantee that by doing everything I’ve done that […]

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10 Songs About Money

Lee's pick of 10 songs about money - some you may love or never have heard of!

My pick of 10 songs about money – There have been so many fantastic (or at least very relevant) songs about money that this list runs the risk of being defined more by what’s left off than what’s picked. Still, I reckon that I’ve got a few choices that most of the lists out there won’t have thanks to a bit […]

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