The Timeline Of Your Child’s Finances

This guest post looks at the financial steps your child can take from piggy bank to home ownership, explaining your child's finances along the way.

The Timeline of Your Child’s Finances  I’m pleased to present a guest post by Chris Smith. Enjoy!   So, it’s time to make the move from piggy bank to real bank. Opening a children’s savings account is one of the best ways to teach a child about money, it will […]

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The Ins & Outs Of Junior ISAs

Feeling confused by Junior ISAs? This guest post by The Money Whisperer explains what you need to know about tax-free savings accounts for kids.

The ins and outs of Junior ISAs: I’m delighted to introduce a guest post from Emma, who writes about money matters at The Money Whisperer. She’s passionate about empowering people to understand how to make the most of the money they have. Her website includes money saving tips, ways to […]

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How To Teach Your Children To Be Frugal

How to teach your children to be frugal - practical tips for your family.

How to teach your children to be frugal. This is a special guest post by Shoestring Jane. Enjoy!   Whatever your reasons for saving money, it can to be tricky to bring family on board, particularly kids. When you need to cut back it can be hard for them to understand […]

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March’s Theme: Children And Money

What's coming up in March on Homely Economics? The theme for March 2018 is children and money - raising frugal children and looking after your kids' finances as well as your own as a parent.

March’s theme: children and money What’s coming up this month? I’ll be featuring, besides my regular posts, a series of articles focused on children and money.   It’s a big subject, as it can cover children’s savings, raising kids frugally as well as teaching children good financial habits, but I’ll […]

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