My Real Debt: Mortgages, Part 1 – Your LTV

Mortgages, Part 1 - Your LTV. Do you find mortgages confusing? Click on the picture to read the first of my series of posts explaining mortgages. This post talks about the loan-to-value ratio and what it does.

 Mortgages: Your LTV At the risk of sounding like the most boring dinner party conversation, I’m going to talk about my mortgage rate. This is one thing that’s important to get right, since it’s usually the biggest debt of a person’s life, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Read on […]

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A New Kind Of Pay Per View

Some high-cost credit lenders have started to offer exorbitant rates of credit on household items.Shockingly, the repayments are linked to your tv viewing.

High cost credit is usually offered to the poorest in society. I really hadn’t intended to post today as, yet again, it’s a gloriously sunny day here, and I’m languishing in the race to complete my housework (yawn). I’ve finally got my laundry nemesis, the Sleeping Bag, into the washing […]

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