Extra Income Report: October 2018

Extra Income Report October 2018

Extra income report: October 2018.

October was a month of serious spending, with very little focus on doing additional “work” on the side. I say “work” because I’ve actually been working very, very hard on a sculpture, learning new techniques from the ground up and doing most of this learning by trial and a lot of error.

As with all my artwork I view it as real work, but it won’t be a product I can actually sell for some months. So it’s a tough one – I’ve been thinking about this project for something like four years, and now that I’m actually doing it, I can’t believe I put it off for so long… but it means that some of my other work has had to take a back seat.

Fortunately, that’s what passive income is for – turning over in the background!


Here’s a breakdown of our passive and side hustle income for October.


  • Cashback – £15.01
  • Online Earnings – £3
  • Interest – £19.12
  • Blogs – £135


Total: £172.13 




My rules for calculating our extra income.

What do we include?

Cashback, bank interest and incentives, dividends, bonuses, competition wins, discounts earned through loyalty points, voucher codes or special activity, found money (substantial amounts), gifts, tax refunds that would otherwise be unclaimed, earnings from online or offline sales, as well as earnings from surveys, apps and freelance writing work.

What doesn’t qualify?

Our salaries, regular sale refunds (such as buying something and then returning it), discounts on items in store or online that are available to all, general estimates of what we could have spent but didn’t – such as reducing a bill and calculating what the difference would have been.


 Here’s our income in detail:




We made £3 less than the month before just through forgetting to pay £750 into one of our Halifax Rewards accounts. Doh! This is also the last month of receiving £3 as the bonus has now dropped to £2. Really rubbish, right? Well, no point in complaining – we’re looking into what accounts we can sacrifice for some more switching bonuses.


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This month we got £15.01 from Quidco, which is one of our essential pillars of money saving. Don’t forget you can get a £10 bonus payment on top of your first cashback payout as a new member!


Fortunately I’ve set up the blog to be able to earn enough to keep me supplied with a bit of income to offset those pricey art materials! You know, I feel very grateful to be able to generate an income from one of my creative endeavours to support another branch of my creativity.


Online Earnings

As usual I did a Pinecone Survey when I had the opportunity, and I’ve been keeping up with Prolific, but this time I’m choosing to build up my earnings before cashing out.



That’s all for this month…

Now that the leaves are starting to turn, I’m looking forward to seeing this season for the first time in our new house. Watching the view from the back change will be amazing, I’m sure!


Over to you.

Been more industrious than me in the side hustles this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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How did this year compare to last year?

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