Handle Mortgage Rises with Good Bookkeeping

Here's how you can handle mortgage rises with good bookkeeping!

Handle mortgage rises with good bookkeeping.   For this post, I’m delighted to collaborate with Braant Accounting. If you’re making mortgage payments you won’t have missed the recent news about interest rate rises. It’s been so long since interest rates went up, the news came as a shock to many. When you’re one of the ‘just about managing’, any kind […]

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Rebranding On A Budget With Logojoy

Need to rebrand your business or blog, but on a tight budget? I've been there. Here's my Logojoy review - how I rebranded my own blog with Logojoy.

Rebranding your business, but on a tight budget?   Choosing branding for a small business can be a nightmare. Large companies have huge budgets to throw at their marketing and branding departments, but when you’re a one-person band, you can feel under pressure to do it all yourself.   I know, because I’ve been there! This blog isn’t the first […]

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