Make Online Shopping Social With Faver

Here's how you can make online shopping into a social event - with Faver.

Has online shopping made us less sociable? Online shopping has revolutionised the way we buy for ourselves and for each other. When compared to hitting the high street or the shopping centre, it’s faster, easier to shop around, and easier to get cashback. So what’s not to love?   The perks of shopping in person It’s great to find that […]

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Extra Income Report – October 2017

It's the extra income report for October 2017 - how we've made a few extra pennies on the side!

Extra income report – October 2017. Between having our house on the market and having my mother come to visit, side hustles have been (almost) the last thing on my mind. I did spend some time sorting out some new Etsy listings, but no sales yet. Still, taking a break has been great. So much so that I’m thinking of […]

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My Website Has Been Cloned!

What can you do when someone steals your blog content online? My entire website was cloned - here's what I'm doing!

My website’s being copied. All of it. Imagine my surprise – and disgust – when I discovered that my website, homelyeconomics, is being copied and reproduced on another site – The thieves have arranged that any use of my domain in print reverts to their domain.     The offending website isn’t just plagiarising my content and passing it […]

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