The Wish List

I made it through another working week. I survived. High drama for someone who only works for two days a week, but it just goes to show how I’ve come to feel about my job. But no more about that, I’ve gotten into bed with my laptop precisely to forget […]

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Two Month DIY Challenge

My two month DIY challenge. There’s no way of getting around it. I’ve got to part with quite a lot of money quite soon. Last year I wrote about my ‘presentation anxiety’ – how I started to get seriously uptight about letting people see my house, as if they were […]

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A New Kind Of Pay Per View

Some high-cost credit lenders have started to offer exorbitant rates of credit on household items.Shockingly, the repayments are linked to your tv viewing.

High cost credit is usually offered to the poorest in society. I really hadn’t intended to post today as, yet again, it’s a gloriously sunny day here, and I’m languishing in the race to complete my housework (yawn). I’ve finally got my laundry nemesis, the Sleeping Bag, into the washing […]

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My Green Garden

At last, the weather’s turning, after so many false starts (I mean, snow and hail in April? This place is nuts!), and my mind’s been turning to my garden. When we were saving for a house last year, I’d spend hours in an evening on Rightmove and Zoopla, gawking at […]

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April Showers

Click on the picture to read why April is the most feared month of the year in our house!

We’re afraid of April in our house. It’s a bit illogical, really, because we don’t actually end up destitute at the end of each April, but we’ve got into the habit of expecting to. This is mainly because of three things: 1. Our income fluctuates monthly because of Lord Balders’ […]

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