Anti-Social Media: Sharp Practice Online

Have you experienced the Twitter and Instagram follow-unfollow scam? Or the epidemic of fake followers? I've written about this in this post about anti-social media: follow-baiting, spam and bad behaviour online.

Anti-social media: sharp practice and bad behaviour online Although I’d rather refrain from self-reflexive writing, I thought I’d address something that’s become apparent to me in the last few weeks of navigating the internet. Recently I’ve been helping a few people, including my husband, to get accustomed to using Instagram and Twitter […]

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The Faff Scale

Sometimes money-saving tricks seem too fiddly to be worth the time. Here's my scale to compare against.

Is personal finance too much hassle? Most of the time, it’s not that personal finance, budgeting and/or doing a little sideline online is actually too difficult for us – it’s just that we can’t be bothered. It’s this inertia that financial and insurance companies thrive on, and it’s this inertia […]

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Making A Difference – My Feature on CBB

It’s been my privilege to appear on Mr Canadian Budget Binder’s blog, in the Making A Difference feature. Can you tell that I’m excited? 🙂 I’ve been working very hard behind the scenes on my blog recently, because although I do like the fact that this is a home-made, DIY […]

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