My Green Garden

At last, the weather’s turning, after so many false starts (I mean, snow and hail in April? This place is nuts!), and my mind’s been turning to my garden. When we were saving for a house last year, I’d spend hours in an evening on Rightmove and Zoopla, gawking at […]

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April Showers

Click on the picture to read why April is the most feared month of the year in our house!

We’re afraid of April in our house. It’s a bit illogical, really, because we don’t actually end up destitute at the end of each April, but we’ve got into the habit of expecting to. This is mainly because of three things: 1. Our income fluctuates monthly because of Lord Balders’ […]

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My Work-From-Home Story

My work from home story - click on the picture to read more about my journey through self-employment to a 9-5 and back again.

My work-from-home story… Working from home must be the holy grail of the blog world. It’s not surprising, since the world of work isn’t exactly cut to fit our lives; we cut our lives to fit into it. Home work is real work! Mums looking to get back into paid […]

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Nationwide FlexDirect VS TSB Plus

Nationwide FlexDirect vs TSB Plus - which have we gone for?

Nationwide FlexDirect VS TSB Plus I knew I was coming down with something… well, it hammered down on me overnight. I felt unwell yesterday, but today wins the pity prize. Too bad for me, I bunked off so much that the house has fallen to rack and ruin (love saying […]

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Rip It Up And Start Again…

I’m on a bit of a posting frenzy it seems, only because I’ve finally spilled the beans about the child maintenance chase and there’s quite a bit to share about that. As it’s past this year’s tax deadline, I’ve been ruminating over when or whether to start the process of […]

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