My Website Has Been Cloned!

What can you do when someone steals your blog content online? My entire website was cloned - here's what I'm doing!

My website’s being copied. All of it. Imagine my surprise – and disgust – when I discovered that my website, homelyeconomics, is being copied and reproduced on another site – The thieves have arranged that any use of my domain in print reverts to their domain.     The offending website isn’t just plagiarising my content and passing it […]

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Frugal Friday Update

A frugal Friday update this week in place of my regular 5 Frugal Things post.

Here’s a Frugal Friday update! Yes, I decided not to write my regular 5 Frugal Things we’ve done post this week, as it’s been very busy and there have been a few big things swirling around that need more attention than usual. Here’s what we’ve been up to:   Our house is for sale We’ve put our house on the […]

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Stationery Addiction: Episode 2

Have a look at my budget-friendly kraft paper stationery collection!

Stationery addiction – episode 2: The first time I wrote about being a stationery addict, it was because of an unscheduled pick-me-up trip to Paperchase. Since then I’ve been meaning to share some of my notebooks as a way of confessing. Yes, I have a few too many – but no, I’m not sorry. I’ve also figured out that I […]

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Investing In Yourself: Starting A Home Learning Course

Lord Balders is contemplating a career chanage - read his first thoughts on an NCC Home Learning course in Counselling.

Investing In Yourself: Starting A Home Learning Course I’m no stranger to education; in fact, my family often rib me about having more degrees than I need. I know how important it is to invest in yourself through learning, but I’ve done this the traditional way, because I was naturally good at this, and my successes encouraged me to try […]

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Lee’s Money News Review – March 31st, 2017

My first round up of the money news that caught my eye - because I'm too busy to do the kind of detailed post on each story that I'd like to!

I come across interesting snippets of money-related news all the time, but it’s not always easy to research and present a post on each one individually. Welcome to Lee’s lazy roundup of sometimes weird and wacky money news! World’s biggest coin stolen On Monday it was reported that a huge solid gold coin with a face value of $1 million […]

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