Anti-Social Media: Sharp Practice Online

Have you experienced the Twitter and Instagram follow-unfollow scam? Or the epidemic of fake followers? I've written about this in this post about anti-social media: follow-baiting, spam and bad behaviour online.

Anti-social media: sharp practice and bad behaviour online Although I’d rather refrain from self-reflexive writing, I thought I’d address something that’s become apparent to me in the last few weeks of navigating the internet. Recently I’ve been helping a few people, including my husband, to get accustomed to using Instagram and Twitter as a way of promoting their businesses. (See, this is […]

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Branching Out – My First Steps with Social Media

I’ve been falling into old traps lately and getting way too uptight over unnecessary things. Aren’t West Indians meant to be laid back? I think I prove that one false! I may have covered this before, but although I’ve started and abandoned many blogs before this one, this is the first that I’ve started that has a real purpose. It’s […]

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April Showers

Click on the picture to read why April is the most feared month of the year in our house!

We’re afraid of April in our house. It’s a bit illogical, really, because we don’t actually end up destitute at the end of each April, but we’ve got into the habit of expecting to. This is mainly because of three things: 1. Our income fluctuates monthly because of Lord Balders’ self employment, so we calculate our income and outgoings each month and aim […]

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