Signs of… Slugs

A carnation growing from a cutting.

I’ll be honest: my garden plans have resulted in failure. Not quite all-out, unmitigated failure, but still, not success. I think every blogger wants to paint a perfect picture of life behind the screen, but hey –  that’s not me. I mean, I would love for it all to work out perfectly and […]

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My Green Garden

At last, the weather’s turning, after so many false starts (I mean, snow and hail in April? This place is nuts!), and my mind’s been turning to my garden. When we were saving for a house last year, I’d spend hours in an evening on Rightmove and Zoopla, gawking at […]

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Starting Avocado Trees From Seeds

Growing avocado trees from seeds is remarkably simple, but takes a long time. Here's how I started, and some other cuttings and seedlings I've been working on.

Starting avocado trees from seeds… and more fun with cuttings. Plants are fascinating, aren’t they? They can be a bit infuriating, of course, but that’s more my fault for killing them off than theirs. I love growing things, but I haven’t done much since I moved to a gardenless flat […]

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