Pipe Dreams.

We've had two plumbing disasters this week, with radiator pipes and a kitchen tap. Click on the picture to read about our DIY misadventures!

DIY disasters. Young(ish) couple buy their first house – a real fixer-upper – and set about doing the work themselves. On a budget. Hilarity ensues. You’ve seen that movie, right? I feel as if I have. Far, far too many times. Maybe it comes from being a child of the 80s, the zenith of movie cheese; it’s quite likely. But perhaps it […]

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Fidor – The Facebook Bank

A look at Fidor Bank, which launched with interest rates tied to "likes" on its Facebook page.

Fidor Bank I might be a bit late with this one, but I wanted to be a bit cautious and dip my toe in the water before crowing too loudly about it. A few months ago, I heard about Germany’s Fidor Bank, and its premise – online banking, social media-style – grabbed my attention straight away. It launched in the UK on Friday, and […]

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Ombré Staircase – Work In Progress

Ombré Staircase - Work In Progress. This green ombré stair project was a great way to put some personality into our home. Click on the picture to see the project in progress, and how I did it.

Work in progress report for my ombré painted stairs – Ever spent any time on Pinterest? I hadn’t, until a few months ago.  I didn’t get it at first, but when I realised I’d be getting my hands on my own house, I started compiling ideas for decorating and gardening, as many do. It’s been extremely useful, but it’s also […]

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We Bought A House!

We Bought A House! Click on the picture to see the gory pictures of the DIY and decorating project we've given ourselves.

We’ve got something to tell you… So… it’s been a while! I’d delayed updating the blog on purpose – it’s not exactly true that I wanted to delay it this much, but I guess one thing led to another, one week led to a month, and here I am. But I had a good reason – We bought a house! Yep, it was […]

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