Free Stuff For New TopCashback Members

The latest freebies and discounts after cashback for new Top Cashback members.

TopCashback’s new member deals – There are always lots of great deals for freebies from TopCashback to entice new members to join up. And guess what – it’s a win-win situation, because TopCashback is one of the best tools in the savvy money saver’s toolkit! Of course, it’s a wee bit annoying that these deals are only for new members, […]

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What Is Cashback, And Where Can You Find It?

What Is Cashback, and Where Can You Find It? by Homely Economics

Wondering just what cashback is exactly? If you’ve been reading my income reports, you’ll have seen that cashback is a consistent feature. Lots of people know about the most popular cashback sites, but there are actually lots of other, smaller sites and opportunities to grab some cashback. Here are some of the ways that we make our shopping work for […]

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Supermarket Savings Hacks

Supermarket Savings Hacks by Homely Economics. Read tricks to make your food shopping cost less!

Need to learn some supermarket savings tricks? Think there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Maybe there is, but only once in a while – truth is, we all spend a pretty big portion of our incomes on food. I’ve been keeping track of our supermarket spending for the last two-three years, and it works out on average to over […]

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How You Can Earn Cashback with A Pockit Prepaid MasterCard

Earning Cashback with Pockit

What is Pockit? Pockit is a prepaid MasterCard. I’ve been wondering why I don’t hear more personal finance bloggers talking about prepaid cards, and in particular, Pockit.   Recently, I got an email from Pockit telling me I’d received cashback in my account – £1.88, to be precise, but hey, every penny counts to me. Great, I thought; all of that […]

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My Cashback Apps – April 2016

A screenshot of my phone’s cashback folder. Aren’t I organised, I hear you say! I’ve been using cashback apps on my phone for a few years now (I think!) and I’ve figured out which ones I love enough to use every week, and which ones I come back to after a bit. I’ve been recommending them to friends since I started, but […]

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