Can A Scooter Or Moped Save You Money?

Can a scooter or moped save you money?

Can a scooter or moped save you money?

Without a shadow of doubt, yes, but let’s unpick that.

If you need to transport a family, carry lots of stuff or commute long distances, then you have no alternative but to stick with a car, however, if you are single and have a city commute, you should consider a moped or scooter.


Can a scooter or moped save you money?

What’s the difference between mopeds and scooters?

Once upon a time, mopeds were bicycles fitted with a small petrol engine, but now the term refers to a scooter with an engine of 50cc or less.

Mopeds have a top speed of 28 mph and can be ridden from the age of sixteen; all you need is a provisional licence and a day’s CBT course. A scooter will have a much larger engine and consequently a much higher top speed.  Scooters are undeniably hip and new top of the range models command comparatively high prices but nowhere near the cost of a car.


What are the advantages?

How many millions of grid-locked car drivers have watched a scooter rider weave their way to freedom and wished they were in the saddle? You’ll spend far less time stuck in traffic and far less time searching for a parking space. An average scooter will travel in excess of 30 miles to a litre of petrol and a moped will go even further, which means huge savings on fuel and it’s better for the environment.

All repair and maintenance bills will be much lower than a car – you’ve only got two twelve-inch tyres to replace for example. Another big saving will be on your tax and insurance. Mopeds are generally cheaper to insure than scooters because they have a smaller engine.


What are the disadvantages?

If your mental image of commuting by scooter is based on some Roman Holiday variant, sunshine, stylish clothing and scenic backgrounds, then you need to think through the reality of an all year UK commute.

You will need to invest in a good quality helmet and some all-weather protective clothing. However good your protective clothing, riding in driving rain is always going to be challenging. Scooter riding is exhilarating and fun, but you are more physically vulnerable, and you should always ride with that awareness.


Is a moped or scooter right for you?

Using a moped or scooter will save you a significant amount of money compared with using a car or even public transport.

Electric scooters are developing fast and prices are dropping, for an initial outlay of 2000 Euros you could be doing that daily commute for pence. Clearly the British climate is not always scooter friendly so perhaps you need to think in terms of a scooter or moped being part of your transport, relying in times of bad weather on public transport or car sharing.

For much of the year though, a moped or scooter could transform your urban commute, saving you time and money and transforming drudgery into exhilaration.

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