Extra Income Report – November 2016

Extra income report for November 2016

Extra income report – November 2016.

Where did the month go? Where did the year go, come to that? It’s dark and cold, and I can’t get away with being in denial over winter – it’s here for sure.

Funny thing is, it’s not the time of year that’s made me think of time going by, it’s the fact so many of our schemes have come to an end. Both our TSB regular savings accounts have finally matured after a year, and one of our stoozing credit cards has been paid off with the money.

All money-based schemes must come to an end though, so here’s my extra income for November.

Hooray for passive income!


  • Interest  – £199.15
  • Cashback – £62.65
  • Online Earnings – £9
Total: £270.80
Wahoo! So, I kept on saying that we were due a payout of interest after our regular savers had been open for 12 months, and this is the month I’ve been waiting for! This total also includes a £12 bonus for buying two Asda Christmas savings cards (I said I’d get more, but compromised as the hubby didn’t want to spend that much). We’d have topped £200 but thanks to a direct debit not going out, Lord Balders didn’t get his £5 from his Halifax Rewards account. Boo!

Cashback breakdown –


Two CheckoutSmart payouts in one month is pretty good going – we’ve been enjoying the food but it’s great to get paid back for it!Sure, last month was good, and December will bring a lump sum from another regular saver, but as I said before our income from interest will dive soon. Yes, I’m trying to stretch out of my comfort zone, but whilst I can make use of a regular savings account, I definitely will!

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