Extra Income Report: November 2018

Extra Income Report November 2018

Extra income report: November 2018.

After saving my fun money up for most of the year, I’ve been letting loose and doing lots of spending, mostly on art supplies. We each get a certain amount of fun money to keep to ourselves each month, and in the last few days I’ve made the leap and bought lots of dyes, screen printing inks and other supplies… and I’ve got a lot more on my list for the next few days too. So it helps to make a little extra on the side to defray the cost of my treats!


Here’s a breakdown of our passive and side hustle income for November.


  • Cashback – £22.37
  • Interest – £14.42
  • Blogs – £146.57


Total: £183.36




My rules for calculating our extra income.

What do we include?

Cashback, bank interest and incentives, dividends, bonuses, competition wins, discounts earned through loyalty points, voucher codes or special activity, found money (substantial amounts), gifts, tax refunds that would otherwise be unclaimed, earnings from online or offline sales, as well as earnings from surveys, apps and freelance writing work.

What doesn’t qualify?

Our salaries, regular sale refunds (such as buying something and then returning it), discounts on items in store or online that are available to all, general estimates of what we could have spent but didn’t – such as reducing a bill and calculating what the difference would have been.


 Here’s our income in detail:




A simple mistake in October meant that Ste didn’t collect interest on his TSB account at the beginning of November, so we’re down a bit from the previous month. Still, £14.42 more than covered the cost of 9 canvases from The Works and organza from my local discount fabric store, and I’m going to strip the canvases and cover them with the organza. This will give me some dirt cheap screen printing frames.

Yes, they may warp more quickly than bigger frames, but for short runs or even individual prints, you can’t beat the value. And I know the cheap mesh substitute works because I’ve been using it at work to create photoemulsion screens, so sometimes cheaper wins!


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All our cashback this month came from CheckoutSmart, so I can’t say it will have covered any of my art materials, just a fair bit of free food.


It’s been good to see a steady return on our work with the blog, with £53 of the blog earnings being commissions from
Affiliate Window. If you’re also a blogger or have a big social media presence, Affiliate Window is a very user-friendly affiliate network and I highly recommend it.



I’m thinking that blog earnings might only appear for one more month to round out 2018, as I rethink my monthly income reports and their purpose. I’m not writing these to push blogging as a line of work, but when it makes up the bulk of my side hustle proceeds, it looks more and more like that’s the case. Also, as the blog income becomes more regular, it seems as though it shouldn’t still be counted as “extra”. Lots to consider!


That’s all for this month…

Will next month be the last income report? Maybe! I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and looking at ways to replace income reports with savings reports, a bit like I did with adding coupons at the beginning of the year.


Over to you.

How has the past month been for you and your passive income pursuit?


Read last month’s extra income.


How did this year compare to last year?

Read last October’s extra income report from 2017.

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