Extra Income Report – September 2017

Extra Income Report: September 2017. See what we've done to earn some extra income in September!

Extra income report – September 2017.

September has brought us its ups and downs… I cried my eyes out when I had to say goodbye to two of my kittens, but I’ve been busy prepping artwork for exhibition, so there’s been a lot to keep me occupied.

Read on for details of our extra income!

  • Interest – £14.94
  • Cashback – £1.02
  • Online Earnings – £3
  • Coupons – £2.57
  • Sales – £100

Total: £121.53

Rules for calculating extra income.

What goes in?

Cashback, interest, bonuses, competition wins, discounts earned through loyalty points, voucher codes or special activity, found money (substantial amounts), gifts, tax refunds that would otherwise be unclaimed, earnings from online or offline sales, as well as earnings from surveys, apps and freelance writing work.

What doesn’t go in?

Our salaries, regular sale refunds (as in buying something and then returning it), discounts on items in store or online that are available to all, general estimates of what we could have spent but didn’t – as in, reducing bills and calculating what the difference would be.

 Here’s our income in detail:


£1.02 from TopCashback.

You can tell that we haven’t been spending significant sums on anything recently to be able to get lots of cashback. I guess that shows how frugal we’ve actually been over the last few months! 😉


We got a total of £14.94 from six current accounts last month. Wondering how you can manage multiple current accounts and find enough direct debits to fulfil the terms & conditions? Have a look at this post!

Online Earnings

Quite possibly the most boring bit… I only did one survey with Pinecone Surveys, and they’re slowing down significantly. I don’t really mind too much, as I’ve given myself so much more to do with my blogs when I’m sitting at my laptop!


Only £2.57 in Asda price guarantee coupons? I’ll confess, I’ve kinda lost track of how many I had this month! I always rely on getting them throughout the month, but actually, this past month we’ve been shopping at Aldi more and more.

The reason why is simple but surprising: it’s been our cats. Since having 5 cats in the house, we’ve been going through cat food and litter at an alarming rate. We realised that Aldi’s foil packets of cat food were pretty good value in addition to being a huge hit with our cats, so we tended to shop there more and more.

As well as that, we found the cheapest recycled wood pellet cat litter at B&M Bargains, which is closer to our local Aldi. So that’s meant less wombling and fewer Asda receipts to compare!

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Well, this is a happy and sad one.

Happy: I finally convinced Lord Balders to scrap our previous car! He really did want to tinker with it some more, but I couldn’t see how we would ever have the time. We got £80 for it and finally got it out of our front garden. It was covering a bit of lawn as well, which is now looking miserable, but by this time next month it’ll be reet.

Sad: we said goodbye to two of our kittens, and the family who picked them up gave us £20 for them. We hadn’t set out to sell them, but a mutual friend arranged it and we were relieved to think that someone who was willing to part with cash would be prepared to look after them well.

A slight aside to cover the matched betting question…

Recently I was asked on Twitter whether I would try matched betting, as I could easily beat my highest month of extra income ever.

Well, the answer is no: I’ll never do matched betting, no matter how much I could win.

This is because I’m opposed to gambling on principle. I’m well aware that there are many arguments surrounding whether matched betting is actually gambling or whether it is risky, but I choose to avoid it entirely based on my convictions surrounding gambling, the gambling industry and the psychology of betting.

I would never go as far as to be judgmental against anyone who chooses to take part in matched betting, but as far as I’m concerned, I refuse to take part. Am I losing out?

Well, you could say that I’m losing out by not working at a full-time job, but that would be to leave out the benefits of my lifestyle that can’t be bought by the extra income I would be earning. Also, I couldn’t possibly make enough money to buy the happiness that sticking to my principles gives me.

So, over to you.

What do you think of my extra income for September? What have you tried to make some extra income? Let me know in the comments below!

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