Our Frugal Fortnight

As an alternative to my regular 5 frugal things, here's our frugal fortnight's activities.

Our frugal fortnight –

I didn’t publish my regular 5 frugal things post last week, as I had my extra income report for March due, and I knew most of my frugal news would be covered. So here’s something a bit different for the last two weeks – a summary of some of the frugal things we didn’t mention!

1 – Stocking up on stamps

I bought a ton of international stamps as well as 1st class stamps before the recent price rise. My husband never seems to be on board with stamp hoarding, but it’s definitely better to stock up when you know there’s an imminent increase in the cost. Maybe you think snail mail is a thing of the past, but an old fashioned letter works wonders when you have to make a complaint or write to an official. I have to do a fair amount of this through having to deal with the Child Maintenance Service, so I like being prepared!

2 – Repurposing furniture

Since buying the new bookcase, I’ve had to rearrange the furniture to fit it. I had an old chest of drawers downstairs that held bank statements and files, but I had my eye on it to use to store my art supplies, frames and finished work. It took a bit of persuasion but I got it upstairs and into our bedroom, where it fits perfectly into a niche and now acts as my art station. My unused picture frames, scrap supplies and assorted bits are now hanging from pins on the walls in the niche above it, and I’m very happy with it!


3 – Picture framing

Our Star Wars stamps, finally framed.Like most people these days, we take lots of photographs but never print them. Since moving my art supplies around and uncovering a trove of unused frames, I decided to use a couple to frame some photos. A couple of years ago we ended up at a comic con (on our wedding anniversary no less) and had a family photo taken with Little Balders in an X-Wing, complete with Jedi dude. I chose this one, as well as two sets of Star Wars collectible stamps (see the theme here) to frame up.


It really lifts your home when you have nicely framed and displayed pictures and art. Funny how I have the skills and materials to do this but  have put it off for so long! I suppose it’s like bringing work home.


4 – Sandwiches to the rescue

We finally got organised with packed lunches over the last two weeks. It’s not being unaware of the cost benefits of making lunches, it’s just the time and preparation that we fall short on most of the time. We made a packed lunch for the three of us for the long drive to Birmingham and back at the start of the holidays, when Little Balders goes to spend time with his father. It’s a costly arrangement but we’re making the best of it.

5 Shameless wombling

So you might think I’m quite mad for crossing the supermarket car park to get the trolley with a discarded (very long) receipt… my husband did, but he’s learned to pretend he doesn’t know me at times of deep embarrassment. Anyway, that receipt was worth an APG coupon for over £4. So there! (More about wombling here.)

6 Prepared for DIY

I finally got prepared for DIY by putting £35 on my Pockit card in prep for buying the right grey grout to finish our tiling at B&Q. It’s 5% cashback for no effort! We’re doing lots of work on the house again after a major slump after putting the new bathroom in, and a few bursts of decorating here and there since then. There should be lots of posts about our projects soon!


I’m linking up with Cass, Emma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week’ linky.

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