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This blog came about through a savings project – we were saving a deposit to buy our first home together.

We bought our fixer-upper house in 2015 and renovated it ourselves on a tight budget, selling it on two years later.


It hasn’t been easy, doing it ourselves, but many people will be in the same situation as us, and we’d like to help. Read about our thrifty redecorating story and see how we made a home out of a very humble house on the tightest of budgets!


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Here rare the before and after pictures of my DIY home makeover project! We've saved lots of money by doing our house renovation on our own - see what we've done!Restoring vintage 1950s panel doors - click on the picture to read how we tackled this DIY project!Here's how we created a Star Wars bedroom on a low budget for our 11 year old boy. See the before and after pictures, and find the accessories you need to create your own Star Wars spaceship bedroom!Click on the picture to read about how I created my colour gradient stairs.My bathroom floor was transformed - cleaning wooden floorboards with hydrogen peroxide and caustic soda really works!We've had two plumbing disasters this week, with radiator pipes and a kitchen tap. Click on the picture to read about our DIY misadventures!Cardboard box shelves are a great DIY alternative when you need some cheap storage in your home!

DIY Home Makeover: Before & After Pictures

Decorating On A Budget: My Ombré Staircase

DIY: Fitting New Handles To Vintage Doors

Star Wars Bedroom Makeover

Ombré Staircase – Work In Progress

Cleaning Wooden Floors With Hydrogen Peroxide

Pipe Dreams

Two Month DIY Challenge

Planning Our Bathroom – Choosing Tiles



I love growing plants – I’ve turned into a bit of a crazy plant lady, with too many houseplants to look after properly! Still, there’s something magical about seeing plants grow from seeds or cuttings, and understanding what they need to thrive.

Here are a few of my posts about horticulture and gardening. If you like being bored by pictures of orchids, you’ll probably like my Instagram!

Signs of life in my new garden at last - here are my gardening plans and progress so far.Growing avocado trees from seeds is remarkably simple, but takes a long time. Here's how I started, and some other cuttings and seedlings I've been working on.

My Green Garden

Starting Avocado Trees From Seeds

Signs Of Life!

Signs Of… Slugs