Making A Difference – My Feature on CBB

It’s been my privilege to appear on Mr Canadian Budget Binder’s blog, in the Making A Difference feature. Can you tell that I’m excited? šŸ™‚

I’ve been working very hard behind the scenes on my blog recently, because although I do like the fact that this is a home-made, DIY affair, I don’t want the place to look shoddy. I want it to be a pleasant reading experience for you, and I want the whole thing to reflect the hard work that goes into it.
Of course, I’ve been tinkering with my blogĀ for ages, but it has a special significance to me right now. After some long conversations with Lord Balders, we’ve both decided to go full-steam at changing our careers – yes, I’m gonna quit my job! Ok, not next week because I’ve got a mortgageĀ andĀ I’m not crazy, but I’m getting out of there… and I don’t have to wait a year, as we’d previously decided.
This blog is what kick-started my return to creativity. I’ve learned so much from writing and running it!Ā So of course it means a lot to be able to waffle on a bit toĀ a whole new audienceĀ about my journey to/through personal finance blogging. I hope my introduction (if you’re visiting from CBB) helped to explain what I’m all about. If you’re still wondering about this money-jar shaped Bajan lady, then read a bit more about me here.

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