The Hypno-Cat.

A black kitchen tap and a black cat - here's why I've been distracted recently - it's down to diy and pets.

A black kitchen tap… and a black cat.

Days go by, weeks go by, all of a sudden I’ve got a shiny new black kitchen tap and a toilet in my living room. A few more weeks go by and I’ve still got a toilet in my living room.

It’s pointless trying to explain why I haven’t written a post in a month, because this is just how I am. I sometimes take breaks, and I don’t want my entire life online. I’m not devoted and easily distracted, but look at what distracted me!

Vader ‘helps’ me to make a roman blind.

Squeeeeeeeee! We got a cat!

No, I didn’t really want a cat, but that was only because I didn’t realise I wanted a cat. Then again, I didn’t like him all that much at first, with his otherworldly howling at night, clawing my leather sofa, knocking over the plants I’d spent months growing on the windowsill and menacing my budgie… but that was until… Erm.

I’m not precisely sure what he’s done to me, but he’s done it to all of us. We’re mush in his paws.

What have I actually been doing?

It’s not as though all I’ve done for the last 5 weeks is exist under the tyrannical rule of the hypno-cat, however. I have been up to all sorts. Lord Balders and I changed our kitchen tap together, and we were besides ourselves with self-congratulatory glee.

Tap fitted, windowsill and backsplash in progress.

Then I tackled one big project – the lack of a backsplash behind it. I bought some copper spray paint and sprayed one side of some clear Perspex sheets I salvaged from a skip at work and used them as my windowsill and backsplash. This is a massive oversimplification – it did take a lot of planning and a lot of cutting with a Dremel-type saw tool, so not really one for the work-averse.

A close-up of the windowsill in progress avoids including the chaos around the sink!

Then I won a toilet on eBay and made Lord Balders pick it up, and then learn how to fit toilets.

Then I started and abandoned the job of painting the kitchen.

Then I started and took a long time with making the dining room/office blind. Ok, it’s still not finished yet, but it’s still in progress.

Then we started decorating Little Balders’s bedroom.

So a lot of starting combined with some stopping, but I refused to be ashamed. After all, I am a cat owner now – I have increased demands on my time.

Over to you…

What do you think of our new tap and copper backsplash idea? More pics once it’s finished!

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