Investing In Yourself: Starting A Home Learning Course

Lord Balders is contemplating a career chanage - read his first thoughts on an NCC Home Learning course in Counselling.

Investing In Yourself: Starting A Home Learning Course I’m no stranger to education; in fact, my family often rib me about having more degrees than I need. I know how important it is to invest in yourself through learning, but I’ve done this the traditional way, because I was naturally good at this, and my successes encouraged me to try […]

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Interview: Restitched With Love

Want to know how to run a successful craft business? Check out this interview with Carolyn from Restitched With Love.

Small business interviews: Restitched With Love In this instalment of my small business interview series, I’m delighted to introduce Carolyn Eastwood and her business, Re-Stitched With Love. Fabric wedding bouquets by Re-Stitched With Love. I’ll confess a particular admiration for Re-Stitched because it’s similar in some ways to the sewing business I ran when I was younger, but it’s so different in […]

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Why A Day Job Can Be Great For Artists And Creatives

Keeping a day job can be a good move for artists, musicians and other creatives. Read the article to find out why having a day job alongside self employment can be a great idea.

Can a day job be a good thing for artists, musicians and creatives? Or is it simply a distraction? So often, young people who hope to carve out creative careers for themselves are told, “you can’t make money from that”. Well, that’s plain wrong. There are people out there, plenty of people, who are making a living from art, design, music, […]

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My Work-From-Home Story

My work from home story - click on the picture to read more about my journey through self-employment to a 9-5 and back again.

My work-from-home story… Working from home must be the holy grail of the blog world. It’s not surprising, since the world of work isn’t exactly cut to fit our lives; we cut our lives to fit into it. Home work is real work! Mums looking to get back into paid employment – and I have to emphasise ‘paid’, because housework and […]

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