I’m In The 2018 Rockstar Rumble!

Homely Economics has made it into the 2018 Rockstar Rumble, choosing the best personal finance blog post for 2017.

I’m in the 2018 Rockstar Rumble! Since the competition to find the best personal finance blog post of 2017 went live, I’ve found myself go from introverted, non-competitive pacifist peacenik to all-out raging finance cagefighter. Hahaha! Actually, I haven’t, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of seeing my post […]

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Frugal Friday Update

A frugal Friday update this week in place of my regular 5 Frugal Things post.

Here’s a Frugal Friday update! Yes, I decided not to write my regular 5 Frugal Things we’ve done post this week, as it’s been very busy and there have been a few big things swirling around that need more attention than usual. Here’s what we’ve been up to:   Our […]

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