Investing In Yourself: Starting A Home Learning Course

Lord Balders is contemplating a career chanage - read his first thoughts on an NCC Home Learning course in Counselling.

Investing In Yourself: Starting A Home Learning Course

I’m no stranger to education; in fact, my family often rib me about having more degrees than I need.

I know how important it is to invest in yourself through learning, but I’ve done this the traditional way, because I was naturally good at this, and my successes encouraged me to try harder and go further.


Home learning vs traditional learning

However, not everyone has a background that makes formal learning seem attractive, or even the natural inclination towards academia. Even if you do, what about if you simply don’t have the time to commit to travelling to a college or training centre, or you have a family to work around? What then?

My husband’s experience is the entire opposite to mine; I have a Master’s degree, and he has no formal qualifications. We also have quite full lives and we both work, so there’s very little time in his schedule for travelling to and from the colleges nearest us, and he’d be tied to their course schedules.

Using home learning to spark a career change

I’ve been encouraging him to branch out into other forms of employment as there are some aspects of his work that he dislikes, but for him, the prospect of retraining is somewhat daunting.

We recently had the opportunity for him to start an NCC Home Learning course in Counselling, and thought it would be an excellent idea to review the entire process for the blog. From here on you’ll have his thoughts on the course and how he’s found it so far.

Ste’s initial thoughts:

“First impressions on the “Take A Look” section: it’s simple and easy to understand. It gives a really good overview that puts you at ease.

“I hated school! Never knowing what the next day would bring, getting home at the end of the day and wondering what the heck just happened… looking at the overview didn’t bring any of those old feelings of dread back.

“In fact, I know what I’m here for, I know what the plan is, and I’m actually feeling excited!”

The full review

Come back for Ste’s full review of the NCC Home Learning course in Counselling on the blog to see how he gets on, and how the experience fits his learning style and our family lives.

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