Coupon Wins! Co-op, August 2016

Coupon wins August 2016

If you read my last ‘coupon wins’ post last month, this one will be no surprise whatsoever! I had £30 worth of Co-operative Food vouchers left over from the £50 worth given to me as a perk of taking out Co-operative car insurance. I guess it’s not as exciting as hunting a huge coupon by wombling or stacking cashback apps […]

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Extra Income Report – July 2016

Here's our extra income report for July 2016. Click on the picture to read about our income streams and what we did to make a bit more money in July.

Our extra income for July 2016 – July was a month for recuperating – after the upheaval of the DIY and houseguests, we got back into the swing of saving and back into our regular routines. Unfortunately, I became so busy with blogging and making artwork that some things did slip, like using my cashback apps for freebies. Hey, it’s hard […]

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Make More Money! Part 3: Bank Incentives

There's money to be made from banks' switching incentives - click on the picture to read how we made hundreds from switching bank accounts!

Making more money from bank incentives: Hopping around from bank to bank for cash may be some people’s idea of a headache, but it’s my idea of fun! I love scooping up bank incentives for switching accounts – it’s a bit of a challenge sometimes to keep up with all of the requirements for each account’s terms and conditions, but […]

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Make More Money! Part 2: Selling Your Artwork

Make money by selling your artwork - read some quick tips on how and where to sell more.

Make more money by selling your artwork: Number 2 on my potential income list could be the longest post ever!   This topic is huge and compressing into one post won’t truly do it justice, as there are so many ways to make a living (or even just a bit of extra money) from art.    If you want to find out more […]

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Make More Money! Part 1: Blogging

Here's my initial plan to make more money from blogging and websites. What will I change, and how will it turn out?

Making more money by blogging Update: This post was written one year ago, and since then – I have been making money from my blog! Stay tuned for the new post coming soon. Until then, have a look at this – can you really make money from your blog? Number one on my list of potential extra income sources was […]

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Make More Money – How?

How are we going to make a bit more money online? There are lots of ways to make some extra income, but not all of them work for us. Click on the picture to read what we're going to do to make a bit more money.

How do I plan to make more money? Two things happened this week that made me write this post.   First, in a comment on a photo, an Instagram follower asked me how to make an extra income. I realised that I didn’t have a single, simple post to direct him to! Bummer.   Next, Lord Balders and I went to Little […]

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Coupon Wins! Co-op, July 2016

Coupon Wins July 2016 - Click on the picture to see how we got this grocery haul for £1.11!

The silver lining in having to pay through the nose for my car insurance this year has definitely been getting some unexpected vouchers from the Co-operative. I was happy enough to insure my car with them, but then they went ahead and sent me 5 vouchers for the Co-op food store, at a value of £10 each! £50 worth of […]

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Extra Income Report – June 2016

My extra income report for June 2016. See what we've made on the side this month.

Extra income report – June 2016. I’ve been feeling quite down in the dumps since my mother’s visit came to an end and we had to say our goodbyes again. It’s just something you come to terms with when your family’s scattered across three corners of the Atlantic, I suppose, but sometimes it’s tougher than others. I’m trying to cheer […]

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My Homemade Deodorant Recipe

Click on the picture to read about my home made, eco friendly deodorant recipe!

My homemade deodorant recipe. Making my own cosmetics, skin and haircare products is something I dip in and out of… I’m not dedicated (or scared) enough to go full eco-warrior and ditch shop-bought products entirely, but I’ll give it a go ever so often. It’s not so much for the money; it’s more for the idea that it’s better for […]

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Branching Out – My First Steps with Social Media

I’ve been falling into old traps lately and getting way too uptight over unnecessary things. Aren’t West Indians meant to be laid back? I think I prove that one false! I may have covered this before, but although I’ve started and abandoned many blogs before this one, this is the first that I’ve started that has a real purpose. It’s […]

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