Bad Buys: Our Wedding Rings

Bad Buys: Our Wedding Rings by Homely Economics

Our wedding rings might well be the worst purchase we’ve ever made together.   Before we got married, we lived five hours away from each other (I was in London, he was in Lancashire) and so only had weekend visits to shop together. On top of this, we were both keenly aware of our particular pecuniary challenges – that is […]

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Five Frugal Things I Did This Week

Click on the picture to read about the frugal things I've done this week to save my family some money!

Some weeks, opportunities to save money pop up more easily than other times. As we’ve started buying more items for the house to complete our DIY projects, we’ve had more chances to save some cash, and this week we’ve nabbed a few bargains! It’s not just frugality through saving on shopping though: we’ve done a few things as a matter […]

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Can You Really Make Money From Your Blog?

Can You Really Make Money From Your Blog? The internet is awash with bloggers, and most of them seem to want you to join them. (Cue the creepy scene: they lurch towards you chanting, “join us… join us!”)   Ok, maybe that’s a bit strong, but I’ll bet that you’ve heard somewhere that you can and should be making money […]

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Extra Income Report – February 2017

Extra Income Report for February 2017. Click on the picture to read about what we did in February to earn a little extra income, and what went wrong.

 Our extra income for February 2017 – Ah, February – if I really wanted to make money I should have bought shares in a tissue company. I blew my nose enough to give them a sizeable profit margin.   February was difficult because of being wiped out by the flu. I was off work for two weeks (I truly went […]

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My Month In Pictures – February 2017

My Month in Pictures, February 2017. Click on the picture to read about my favourite Instagram snaps for the month, and why I chose them!

These are my four pictures to sum up February 2017. As I wrote not long ago (I only just dreamed this up, so had to backtrack for January) I post a picture every day to Instagram, and I’ve always thought of it as my picture diary. In this blog post series I’ll get to pick four pictures and use them to illustrate my month. Lancashire scenery […]

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Good Buys: The Perfect Ankle Boots

Good Buys: The Perfect Ankle Boots. Click on the picture to read how I finally found the perfect pair of ankle boots to take me from work to the park and everywhere in between.

Finding the perfect ankle boots! I’ve decided to start talking about my good and bad purchases. Money bloggers come in all varieties – for some, it’s all thrift and frugality, and for others it’s all coupons and bargains. Either “stop shopping” or “shop smarter” – with all sorts in between. I’ve always come down on the side of saving rather […]

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