Stationery Addiction: Episode 2

Have a look at my budget-friendly kraft paper stationery collection!

Stationery addiction – episode 2:

The first time I wrote about being a stationery addict, it was because of an unscheduled pick-me-up trip to Paperchase. Since then I’ve been meaning to share some of my notebooks as a way of confessing.

Yes, I have a few too many – but no, I’m not sorry. I’ve also figured out that I have a major weakness for kraft paper, and anything kraft brown and black is guaranteed to catch my eye. Fortunately, I found my kryptonite in a pound shop!

Kraft paper notebook beauties

So here are some of my favourite pound store kraft brown stationery finds and what I use them for.

1 – A5 Brown & black chevron pattern notebook

Brown & black chevron a5 notebookThis has become my “brain-dump” book for my blogs and business ideas. I usually get really uptight about writing in new notebooks (in case I ruin them somehow) but I actively told myself to get over it and just start writing everything down.

Now, I feel happy to get my thoughts out – could it be because it only cost £1 and frankly, I’d be crazy to think I’m not worth a £1 investment!

To keep track of which ideas relate to which projects, I use a snippet of washi tape – also from the pound shop, 3 rolls for £1 – on the edge of a page.

2 – A4 Brown & black seedhead pattern notebook

Brown & black umbellifer pattern A4 notebookI didn’t know what I was going to use this one for, but it became my “private investigation” book. Sounds weird? It is, in a way… but hear me out.

When you have to compile reams of evidence for a complex child maintenance case where the other parent has multiple hidden companies and income streams, you’ll end up with bits of paper everywhere. It’s handy to keep vital information as well as potential leads on companies and lines of evidence in a secure place.

Yes, I have had to become an amateur private investigator. No-one else will do it for you, sadly; although if you reach the stage when the Financial Investigation Unit becomes involved, you may finally get some help. You’ll still need to provide lots of information, though. At least being organised about it makes it more bearable!

I don’t keep notes on my child maintenance case in this, though; I use my child maintenance planner for that.


3 – A5 Brown & black chevron pattern notebook

A4 black and kraft brown chevron pattern notebookThere’s nothing in here yet – I just loved the pattern so much that I bought both sizes! I told you I was addicted. Still, at £1 I know I’ll find a use for it, and it will have been a wise investment.

4 – Brown & black file folder

Brown kraft file folderI bought a couple of these, which come in so handy for carrying loose files to important meetings and tidying up those bits that don’t fit elsewhere.

5 – Brown kraft box file

Brown kraft box file

Ok, I went a bit nuts when I found these. I got them from Wilko a while ago, and they have been fantastic for keeping my documents together – you get an amazing amount of paperwork when you do a subject access request as I have done in the past!


Over to you…

You can find alternatives at Amazon or Hobbycraft if your local pound shop is out of stock. I like Hobbycraft’s gold chevron version too!

What do you think of my kraft paper obsession?

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