5 Frugal Things We’ve Done This Fortnight

Frugal things for this fortnight - here's what we've done to save money over the past two weeks.

5 Frugal things for this fortnight:

Last week I decided not to publish my regular Five Frugal Things post. I was a bit disappointed, but I thought it was for the best as it had been an unprecedented week for frantic activity. If you read my Friday update, you’ll know our house went on the market!

So what have we done over the last two weeks?


Took part in a free course-building challenge

My head was overstuffed with knowledge after four days of the CourseCoder Free Flo challenge, which was free. As a direct result of it, I’m planning my own personal finance course for artists. Woohoo!

Honestly, I had no idea of where to start or what to focus on before I did this bit of training, and now I know what to do… I just need to budget my time to make it happen.


Started a day out at the Whitworth Art Gallery

We visited Waterstone’s at the Trafford Centre (one of our favourite stores) and I managed to find a 2017 copy of The Writers’ And Artists’ Yearbook for £3! I was absolutely thrilled, as it’s definitely worth much, much more.


Made a cheap fast food treat even cheaper with coupons

Judge me not… yes, we stopped at McDonald’s on that Trafford Centre trip.

Lord Balders found a strip of McDonald’s coupons from a recent trip to WH Smith’s, and combined with a full coffee loyalty card, we had a fast food bite for next to nowt.


Printed £8.45 worth of APG coupons

I don’t always get a good run of APG coupons, so coming up with £8.45 from 5 receipts was brilliant! Three were mine and two were wombled.


Stocked up on yellow-stickered meat

Our freezer is tiny but we’ve got a few bargains in it thanks to the reduced shelves in the supermarket. It’s our first stop, and as usual, we separate out any reduced items from full-price items at the checkout. It helped get those APG coupons before!

Over to you…

Has your week been particularly frugal?

I’m linking up with CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Fabulously Frugal things I’ve done this week linky.

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    1. Hey, thanks! We’ve had a few viewings and one cheeky offer, so let’s see what tomorrow’s viewing holds! I’ll be so glad when I don’t have to be on high tidiness alert 😉 I hope yours is going well too 🙂

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