A Penny Saved In February 2019

Child's hand putting coin into piggy bank | A penny saved in February 2019

This past month we decided to kick ourselves into gear and start renovating our house. It’s been a whole year since we moved in, and now it truly feels like home, but the truth is we need to make improvements in every single room.

Yes, it’ll be expensive, but it’s worthwhile! So of course we need to make a few pennies and save a few where we can.

What have we managed to save and make in February, 2019?

Remember “the whopping sum of £8.81” from last month?

That’s bumped up a bit to £56.81 in February! Again, with taking out my blog income it seems so much lower than before, but that’s the way it’s going to be.

So you know I’m not particularly motivated to make money, but I love saving, so what have we done to combine the two this month?

Earning interest from the banks

£20.15 in interest and rewards – that’s a good number when I get it right, meaning when I remember to cycle the right amount of money through our bank accounts.

I’ve been doing it for five years now! Whilst it’s no big deal, the length of time it’s gone on for means that sometimes I just forget, since the thrill of it has long since worn off. Still, that’s a good reward for not a lot of work, and I’m making an effort to keep on top of it.

Tesco Clubcard points

I wrote about one of our favourite deals – using our Tesco Clubcard points for breakdown cover through the RAC. We used £19.50 in points this way, converting them into £58.50 to spend with RAC!

Curve Rewards points

I like to let my Curve card reward points accumulate and only count them as “income” once they’ve been spent. We bought items totalling £17.16 (mostly boring household stuff) just with our Curve rewards!

One of those boring items was a new mat for the front door after Vader destroyed the carpet by pooping and peeing on it. For some reason he claimed that spot as his personal litter tray and kept on doing it until we had to cut the carpet and underlay out and clean the floorboards with hydrogen peroxide like I did with the kittens in the old house.

So yep, between the improvements we want to do and the jobs the cats are forcing us to do, the savings and rewards points do help!

Check out what we did the month before, and if you’re curious, see how we did for the whole of 2018.

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