A Penny Saved In March 2019

A Penny Saved March 2019

So many things to pay for! Thanks a lot, March.

March delivered a ton of rain straight into our living room through a pesky leak that we thought we’d fixed… on top of the jobs we had planned. Well, at least we had already started cracking on with the DIY!

What have we managed to save and make in March, 2019?

So, we made £56.81 in February, which I thought was pretty good. …

In March, we made £43.82. The great thing about this month is that this was entirely passive income and savings!

Earning interest from the banks

We totalled £19.56 in interest and rewards – up a smidgen from the month before.

Keeping an eye on the money going into our current accounts doesn’t take long at all, and it’s easy to build up quite a sum when you’re using your credit card for daily spending (and paying off the entire amount each month, of course).


This month I finally requested a payout for my pooled cashback from TopCashback. After a few little purchases accumulated over a couple of months, I chose a virtual Mastercard with £11.05 on it.

Ste did the same thing and got a virtual Mastercard with £13.21, so our total cashback was £24.26.

So it should go without saying that cashback is actually money you save – it isn’t money that you earn, but I feel I have to point it out because so many blogs seem to push it as such. I guess it makes for a good headline or Pinterest image, but you can’t make money through cashback unless you’re using a credit or debit card that someone else pays off!

There are some free cashback deals where you can make a small amount from using price comparison sites, but in general, you get back a commission from something you’ve bought.

Any Curve Rewards points?

In March I earned £15 worth of Curve card reward points, but I didn’t spend any of them. So they won’t count for the month’s total, but I do intend to use them in April!

Check out what we did the month before, and if you want to go further back, see how we did for the whole of 2018.

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