A Penny Saved In May 2019

A penny saved in May 2019

May was such an expensive month with my mother’s visit and all of the things that came with it. Saving money is always a concern for us, but not at the expense of enjoying time with my family… but making money is way down the list during times like these.

What was great was seeing how well the blog has been doing for generating passive income – and this at a time when my blogging work was screeching to a near full stop. I don’t include it here, but I’m really happy to have started and kept on going!

What have we managed to save and make in May, 2019?

So, we made £36.56 in April, which was a little dip from the previous month but still not bad for passive income. That more than covered my broadband, for example!

In May, we made £45.78.

Earning interest from the banks

In May we earned £21.60 in interest and rewards – just a few pence more than the previous month.

An average of around £20 is what we expect to see when our bank accounts just tick over silently and nothing goes wrong (like forgetting to pay in the minimum amount of money or going into the red).


In the previous month we didn’t get any payouts, but this time around we did.

We received £12.18 as virtual Mastercards from TopCashback, and put them towards June’s council tax bill. None of the value on the cards wasted!

Online earnings

It seems as though I’d built up a pot of cash in my Pinecone surveys account without realising it! After I did a survey I logged in and surprised myself – I usually withdraw money immediately but behold, there was £12 just sitting there waiting to be cashed out.

This time it’s a bit up from the last month, but that’s all part of the swings and roundabouts. I have been busy since my mum left, though, creating new products to sell online for passive income.

Check out the first of my range of planners here!

Check out what we did the month before, and if you want to go further back, see how we did for the whole of 2018.

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