About Me

About me.

This is a disclaimer as much as it is an ‘about me’ page. I am not a financial professional. I’m not an economist. I’m not an accountant. Actually, I’m an artist!

Why would an artist be writing a personal finance blog? Money and art are closely intertwined, actually, so it’s not a stretch. If you care about slightly longer-winded art theory, I do that elsewhere. Here, it’s practical examples and clever principles to help you make, save and manage money.

Elsewhere, I write and edit several of my own art, writing and grammar blogs, and am a deputy editor for UK Money Bloggers.

I’m semi-anonymous…

I talk quite openly about my family and experiences, and I have no intention of drawing attention to any real person without their consent. As a result, I use pseudonyms for my family, friends and not-so-friends.

More about me:

I was born and raised in Barbados. I’ve lived in three different countries, been married, divorced, done years as a single parent and married again; I’ve had a few exciting gigs and a few boring jobs, and survived my own financial illiteracy. I’m someone’s mum and someone’s wife, I’m still in my 30s and determined that the lessons I learned over the last two decades will make the next few years the best yet.

As for the rest of the family, there’s:

Lord Balders –

My husband, Ste.
Ste will be contributing ideas to the blog along the lines of his favourite interests – bodybuilding and health, sports and gaming.

Little Balders –

My pre-teen son who has no interest in money besides how many computer games he can buy with it, and has no interest in savings whatsoever. We’re working on this. I don’t feature photos of my son as he’s at that age where image matters, and I believe his image should be in his own hands.

Vader –

Our cat. The only one in the house who can do no wrong, no matter what evil things he actually does. Also, the only one referred to by his real name.
I’m a convert, and I’m learning as I go, and sharing what works for me, and what’s failed. I hope you find this interesting, and that it helps you or someone you know. So please, sign up to my newsletter, ask me a question, or suggest something that I might find useful. I’d appreciate it!

For collaborations, please use my contact page.

– Lee