DIY Afro Hair Cream Recipes

I've been making my own hair cream for afro hair, and it saves me a fortune. Click on the picture to read how I make it and how you can make your own DIY hair cream.

My favourite recipe and tips for happy afro hair –

Afro hair care can tend to set you back a fair bit if you don’t live in an area with high demand, so it helps to know how to make your own hair products cheaply at home.

Homemade hair cream!

I knew the very talented Rachael Cooper many years ago when I lived in Boston, USA, and despite being on different continents now, I’m still learning from her and her amazing hair.

You can find her on YouTube where she dispenses the best information about hair care and DIY hair products. This video was the one that hooked me, and I’ve been coming back to it for the last two years.


Where to find the ingredients for Rachael’s DIY hair cream:

Most of these can be found in your local supermarket or Holland & Barrett store. Failing that, I’ve included links to online sellers below.

Aloe vera gel/juice – 1 cup
Cocoa butter – 3/4 cup
Coconut oil – 1/4 cup
Xanthan gum – 1 1/4 tablespoons

Cinnamon and vitamin E oil


My discoveries:

I’ve tried this recipe a few times and I’ve realised a few things: first, I didn’t like the heavy smell of the cocoa butter very much, but then I don’t wear perfumes because of not liking persistent scents. The second time I made this, I reduced the amount of cocoa butter and increased the coconut oil.

Second, my hair absolutely soaked up the hair cream so quickly that I thought I’d struggle to make it economical enough. That was until I played around with the recipe a bit and figured out that my hair was really responding most to the aloe juice!



I also made my version of this hair cream with more aloe juice, and slathered it on. The results? Nothing short of a miracle! Honestly, I wondered how I’d managed to get this far without realising this before.

The aloe juice on its own was enough to make my hair curl in ways I could have only dreamed of before. Since that discovery, I’ve been using plain aloe juice in a little spritz bottle as a detangler, refresher and setting lotion.

Aloe moisturising spritzer

Here’s a simple recipe for an even more moisturising spritzer:

1/2 cup aloe juice

1/4 cup glycerin

1 teaspoon water


Pour into a spritz bottle and shake vigorously. Apply when your hair needs a lift, but you don’t want more oils.


Making your own hair cream variations

The basis of this hair cream is a simple emulsion – an oil and water mix – in a ratio of 1:1. Any combination of oils and water/juice will yield a creamy lotion if beaten well, so the key is to experiment until you find something you love.

Instead of cocoa butter and coconut oil you can try olive oil or shea butter.

Instead of leaving your hair cream at a 1:1 ratio, you can do as I have and slowly add more aloe vera juice after you have whisked your cream to the original recipe consistency, if you want a more liquid lotion.

Make your first batch of hair cream without any of the optional ingredients, then set aside smaller portions to add different items to, such as the cinnamon.

More recipes coming soon

I’ll be trying out even more home recipes for gels and creams – leave your favourite recipe in the comments below, and let me know how you get on with these!

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