Escaping The Office… My Way

My dream office escape - beach, picnic or back to bed?

My dream office escape…

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll probably have come across my lunchtime picnic breaks in my “five frugal things” posts. I really do enjoy the chance to get out of the office on a glorious spring or summer day, as it breaks the day up and helps me to de-stress if things aren’t going well. If it’s not a stressful day then it just puts me in a better mood!


Now that the weather’s chilly and, well, permanently soggy (thanks, Lancashire), we don’t really brave the park these days. That’s why this cute Furniture At Work infographic made me think about my ideal office escape – what would it actually be right now?



If my storeroom cupboard could take me anywhere?

Well, I’m from a tropical island, so no surprises there when I’m tempted to disappear back to a beach! The trouble is, if my storeroom cupboard could take me back to Barbados I might never be seen at work again, so should I put that temptation there?

Picnic perfection? Of course I’m tempted when I actually already do this during my work week! The only difference is it involves much more planning that just magically falling through the back of a filing cupboard. I’d go for that on a gorgeous, sunny day, have some nibbles on the grass, feed the ducks and be back before anyone noticed I was gone.

Back to bed… this is tempting isn’t it? I have to admit it’s one that appeals to me all year round, whether it’s winter or not. Although at this time of the year I appreciate it much, much more, and when I’m working for myself at home it’s the best place to be!


Over to you…

What do you think – where would you go to?


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