Extra Income Report – April 2018

Here's a look at what we've done, besides our day jobs, to make some extra cash in April 2018.

Extra income report – April 2018.

April has been a month of interesting financial events, most of which concern TSB going into full-on meltdown. We’ve been affected, but not as much as some other poor folk have. Having several current accounts spread across different banks has made it easier to ride it out, so TSB losing my credit card information hasn’t been the all-encompassing nightmare that some people have been experiencing.

In other financial events, we had to buy, tax and insure another car, so the savings took a dent. Thank goodness for a few side hustles to cushion the blow!


Here’s a breakdown of our passive and side hustle income for April.


  • Sales – £99.39
  • Coupons – £7.72
  • Cashback – 2.05
  • Interest – £7.84
  • Blog – £60.28


Total: £177.28




My rules for calculating our extra income.

What do we include?

Cashback, bank interest and incentives, dividends, bonuses, competition wins, discounts earned through loyalty points, voucher codes or special activity, found money (substantial amounts), gifts, tax refunds that would otherwise be unclaimed, earnings from online or offline sales, as well as earnings from surveys, apps and freelance writing work.

What doesn’t qualify?

Our salaries, regular sale refunds (such as buying something and then returning it), discounts on items in store or online that are available to all, general estimates of what we could have spent but didn’t – such as reducing a bill and calculating what the difference would have been.


 Here’s our income in detail:



Lord Balders has learned the ways of eBay and is off to a flying start. He’s getting fed up at some of the items going slowly though, especially as it’s doing double duty in clearing out our unnecessary stuff and making some cash. I often feel as though the space-making means more than the money-making to him!

He’s made £99.39 after all fees and costs.



Nothing much new to report here – only one more month to wait before our last regular saver matures and makes the year’s wait worth it.


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To manage the expense of moving house, we cut down our non-essential spending in the months before and after, so there’s not much cashback to report. If you don’t spend, you don’t get anything back! We did, however get £2.05 from my TSB credit card. Kinda wondering about the fate of that one now…





We saved £2.58 from two manufacturer’s coupons, and used £5.14 worth of APG coupons.




After an age and a half, I received a payment of £27.27 from Affiliate Window, an affiliate program I use for my blogs. I can definitely recommend them for partnering with if you have a blog you’d like to monetise. I’ve actually been signed up with Affiliate Window for quite a while, but in truth, I didn’t have my act together. I guess it could be a bit more together but we’ll get there step by step!


I also made £33.01 from Amazon’s affiliate program.



That’s all for this month…

Truthfully, I’m feeling rather tired going into the start of May. I feel as though I should be a lot further along with setting the house right and getting my home businesses going again, and it does get me down a little. Still, there are always things to stress about if you look for them, aren’t there? In the long run it’ll be fine!


Over to you.

What side hustles have you tried this month? Let me know in the comments!

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How did this year compare to last year?

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