Extra Income Report – July 2016

Here's our extra income report for July 2016. Click on the picture to read about our income streams and what we did to make a bit more money in July.

Our extra income for July 2016 –

July was a month for recuperating – after the upheaval of the DIY and houseguests, we got back into the swing of saving and back into our regular routines.
Unfortunately, I became so busy with blogging and making artwork that some things did slip, like using my cashback apps for freebies. Hey, it’s hard to do it all, isn’t it? Still, this blog isn’t about being perfect; it’s about trying my best. So here goes: my extra income for July!

  • Interest  – £36.50
  • Cashback – £33.97
  • Online Earnings – £6
  • Exchanging old Euros – £6
  • Bank Incentives – £200
Total: £282.47
No eBay yet, you’ll notice – I just can’t seem to get started with this. It’s a mental block we both have, it seems; we’ve done lots of eBaying in the past, but let’s face it – it can be a real pain. We just don’t want to do it! Still, we have to, mostly because I told the internet that I would. Still, I’m not going to rely just on eBay, but I’ll look into other secondhand selling platforms for my next post in the ‘make more money’ series.
Whilst my mother was visiting, we were looking at my collection of foreign notes and coins, and I realized that I ought to just exchange my old euros from my last holiday three years ago. Unfortunately, two of my notes were too old to pass the security checks, so I’m stuck with them for a while! What do you think – should the foreign exchange count as extra income? I’m leaning towards ‘yes’, because they’ve been existing only as decorative filler for several years now! And now it’s usable money. Let me know what you think.
Online Earnings is from two Pinecone surveys.
Bank incentives were from Nationwide FlexDirect’s ‘Refer A Friend’ offer – Lord Balders referred me, so we each received £100! Interested in a referral? Email me 🙂
Cashback breakdown –
  • Lloyds Everyday Offers – £0.70
  • Pockit – £1.88
  • TSB cashback – £5
  • TSB credit card cashback – £2.59
  • TopCashback -£6.66
  • Quidco – £17.14
I have to admit, I’ve made a mistake here, and a major mistake last month!
First, I forgot to keep the receipt for my Euro exchange, so I know that I made more than £6, but I’ve had to round down because I just can’t say exactly to the penny.
Second, I made a big mistake with calculating our interest in June – I added £9.99 of May’s interest from my Nationwide FlexDirect account to our June total. So instead of £118.34, it was actually £108.35. I’m sorry! I’ve updated the blog post to reflect this, and I’ll make sure I don’t slip up like this again. Forgive me?
So, onwards and upwards for August, hopefully. Let me know your thoughts or questions about this month’s progress!

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