Extra Income Report – May 2016

See what I've made in my second income report - for May 2016.

Extra income report for May 2016.

I’m exhausted.
I thought I should open with that because it may explain why I might not be totally coherent, and also why I’m totally obsessed with how much I spent in May as opposed to what I earned, which is what this post is supposed to be about…
See? Rambling already. We’ve been working flat out on our bathroom renovation, and now that the worst of the work is behind us, I’m now so desperate for it to be over that I’m starting to crack up ever so slightly. I’ve had enough!
Anyway, here’s what I made or clawed back in May.

  • Interest: £37.15
  • Cashback: £98.96
  • Online Earnings: £4
  • Sales: £70
Total: £210.11
Hey! I should be buzzing about that!
Only problem is, May’s expenses have been so high that they’ve swallowed up our earnings – this is the first time in years that we’ve spent more than we’ve earnt. Yes, most of this was entirely planned spending… but we still don’t like it.
Back to the earnings – interest is up because my Nationwide FlexDirect account is full now – the rest of our stoozed money will be diverted to regular savings accounts which won’t pay out until they mature in 5 months’ time.
Cashback was fantastic last month, thanks mostly to my supermarket apps and TopCashback. I switched energy suppliers (to Ovo) last year through SimplySwitch via TopCashback, and they gave me £38.50. It took 6 months to get it, mind! Here’s the full breakdown –
Online earnings – a combination of Pinecone surveys and Streetbees. Not much this time.
Sales – aargh, long story. We decided to ditch our banger (after putting through the MOT!) and scrapped it for the princely sum of £40. Well, I should get a decent vehicle tax refund since I declared it on the 31st of May. We bought an even cheaper banger which is a total eyesore, but has a healthier head gasket. That’s another story.
Finally… my budgies finally sold via Preloved. I listed them ages ago, but didn’t really want to sell them. Well, they’re happier and safer now, and I have an extra £30 in my wallet to dry my tears with. The cat’s tears can dry on their own – it’s his fault they had to go.
So I guess there’s been enough to feel good about… £200 does soften the blow of May a bit. Hoping for a quieter June!

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