Five Frugal Things We’ve Done – 19/05/17

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Five frugal things I’ve managed this week.

Forget money – I just need a nap.

Really, I’m exhausted and I’ve given myself even more work than I thought I could, even knowing about my shiny object syndrome. I’ll tell you what I mean.

Finally bought a flask.

Why has this taken so long? Because we can’t decide on anything when we’re out shopping, not even a flask. I mean it. Anyway, we finally bought a flask to conquer lunchtimes and days out. No more buying coffee! Huzzah!

I was feeling pleased until Lord Balders confessed to me that he’d made our first coffee in the flask and left the instruction sheet inside! Honestly, I don’t know how I’ve survived.

Teaching the husband to cook has paid off.

Why has this taken so long?

Never mind, it’s been a worthwhile investment. When we met, he couldn’t be trusted beyond toast, but now he’s taken on a decent share of the cooking, keeping us fed in the evenings on the days I work.

On the days we’re both home, we split the jobs (which is how I taught him everything he knows without if feeling like I was teaching him). I’ve just realised how much easier life is because of it, compared to way back then. Sticking to home-cooked meals is much easier when it’s shared.

Shameless wombling of McDonald’s coffee bean sticker.

Wombling hasn’t been very productive this week really, but whilst we were whizzing through B&M to pick up the cat litter, I spotted an abandoned McDonald’s coffee cup. I actually managed to whip the little bean sticker off even though I was travelling at a considerable speed and stick it on the loyalty card in my wallet.

Seconds later, Lord Balders said, “did you just do what I think you did?”

‘Course I did.

Although now we have a flask we may never fill up the loyalty card… d’oh.

Free domain registration for 1 year!

I am super duper skeptical of anything “free” that lands in my inbox, so I hopped around this offer that came to the email address linked to my art website. It was offering me a free .design domain for one year.

There was a lot of “hmmm”ing, but I finally did it – I registered a domain I didn’t even want an hour earlier. I wasn’t even asked to fill in any credit card details!

So here’s what I did – I chose a domain that I could possibly sell on for a profit (well, even 50p would be a profit, wouldn’t it?) and started coming up with plans for website-flipping domination. I can only make a Weebly drag & drop type site for free, though, but free is free!

My plan is to write some scandalous articles on a self-reflexive topic with nigh-clickbaity titles and see where that takes me. It might take me around the bend as I have no free time whatsoever and another website that I’m finally trying to show some attention to. Aaaah!

Not bought a new washing machine yet…

Sometimes I feel like I have superhuman patience levels. Either that or I’m crazy. Lord Balders has said that he’ll operate the busted washing machine himself, as apparently he has some mystical communication portal via which he makes it work for him and him alone. The point is, he says he can make it work, so therefore it’s not broken, so therefore we’re not buying a new washing machine yet.

It doesn’t matter, as long as the clothes get washed. This is me trying to be chilled as I have enough to wig out about.

Over to you…

I like having to recap the things we’ve done; it stops the days from disappearing into a haze. How’s your frugal week been?

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  1. Yay – a fellow McDonalds coffee bean wombler! When my youngest son was younger and not so aware of what people may think, he used to think it was a brilliant game to watch what people did with their coffee cups. Loads don’t bother collecting the beans or clearing their tables, So as soon as they had gone, he used to go and collect the cups off the tables.

    We love our flask and it saves us loads. Just to add to your conumdrum – do you have a food flask -these are brilliant and are great for taking hot food out like pasta, hot dogs, soup etc for days out.

    1. Oh man, I think another flask might complicate things! But maybe it would make packed lunches much more enjoyable in the winter months – worth looking into 😀

    1. Unfortunately the machine works, but needs a really annoying hack to open and shut the door. That means not being able to fully justify a new one guilt-free, but having the grief of messing about with it! Oh well 🙂

  2. I need a flask but I’m after a small but fat flask for soups to take to work. I’m going to have a hunt this weekend I think x x

    Thanks for joining in with the #5frugalthings linky x

    1. We saw a pretty hefty food flask in B&M Bargains, I’m sure there are lots of them about 🙂

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